Why Choose Us?

Cost Effective! Efficient! And Reliable!

At Mineral-Line, we offer high quality mineral products and mineral transportation services. We source mineral products directly from the South African based mines and transport them at the most affordable prices to our client’s specific delivery locations.

We continuously strive to deliver value by customising our services to meet and satisfy the dynamic needs of our clients. The interests of our clients are always the top priority for us, which is why we have customised our products and services to be cost effective, efficient and reliable.

We do not add any mark-up price or amount to the cost price of the mineral products that we sell to our clients; we sell mineral products at the exact sourcing cost.

We offer all of this while providing excellent customer service and continuous support to our clients.

Our Core Values


– We communicate openly and promptly to meet our client’s requirements and rigorously honor our commitments.


– Actively and continuously, we explore better ways of servicing the unique and dynamic needs of our clients.


– At all times, we dedicate all our efforts and expertise to deliver quality and excellent services to our clients.