At Mineral-Line, we understand that our business forms an essential and integral part of the South African minerals value chain. That’s why, we comply with the socio-economic empowerment requirements of the Mining Charter, as developed in terms of section 100 of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act No.28 of 2002.

Therefore, at Mineral-Line we proudly support the following initiatives as part of our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Initiatives, with the aim of contributing positively towards the transformation and development of the South African society.

Know Your Mine

csi Know Your Mine

The goal of the Know Your Mine Campaign is to extend the platform for the Mine Hosting Communities in South Africa to learn more about mines and participate in mining activity, and further engage in constructive inquiring dialogue with the mining companies which they host.

Recycle Metals

csi Recycle Metals

The Recycle Metals Initiative is an environmental management campaign which is aimed at collecting and recycling metallic waste such as scrap metals, tins, and cans from the mines, factories, shipping companies, government entities, construction and demolition sites.

Metal Market

csi Metal Market

The Metal Market Initiative is a virtual market for metals which is aimed at linking and providing metal traders with a platform to buy and sell metals collectively as a group, and also share the revenue generated proportionally based on the amount each trader contributes.

Mask On

csi Mask On

The Mask On Initiative is a health care campaign which aims to manufacture & distribute face masks to the Mine Hosting Communities with an ultimate goal of bringing awareness to these communities about the importance of using face masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus.